Hi Vodka, it’s me Drinkade


As the name of my blog states, you can usually find me a bit “full of sips” on the weekends. I’m not going to lie, the name can certainly come with consequences and I’m sure everyone can relate to the fact that as we get older, so do our bodies and our tolerance for holding alcohol. At 34, if I drink more than 3 drinks in one given night, the chances are, I will have a headache the next day. Of course we’ve all tried the different remedies: downing water, eating fatty foods, pedialyte etc in order to avoid such consequences. One of my favorite ways to avoid a hangover is taking B12 vitamins, a suggestion from my good friend Kate when I was in my mid-20’s. Although not 100% successful, it does work a lot of the time as it builds your body with the nutrients needed to survive while killing your liver. So when I was approached to review Drinkade, I was not surprised that one of the key ingredients is B12 and that this tiny, but mighty, bottle can assist in feeling your best after a crazy night.

While of course there is no real “hangover cure” I was excited to try the product because one of the flavors has no caffeine in its ingredients. This is unusual for a hangover remedy that usually consists of Excedrin or  Coffee. Sorry to disappoint you all but no, I do not drink coffee or tea on a regular basis in the morning, I have enough energy myself! You can find the key ingredients and how Drinkade works here. Although it does have green tea extract, I did not feel the normal effects of caffeine so don’t worry about getting the jitters!

img_9383Drinkade comes in two flavors: Limeade (red) and Berry (blue). The taste of both drinks is similar to limeade flavor Gatorade, although I liked Berry better! I took both of the drinks at different times as I wanted to test the outcomes. I took Limeade about 15 minutes before I started drinking and when I tried the Berry flavor, I drank it at the same time I started drinking alcohol. (Full Disclosure! I actually tried Drinkade for the first time when I threw my annual Hocus Pocus party last month. I drank WAY too much and it did not take away my hangover however 1- I did not drink the entire bottle as I was tasting it among friends, 2- I was mixing alcohol, and 3- there wasn’t a drink in the world that could relieve my headache). I don’t believe the timing really had an impact on the drink as I felt great both mornings afterwards. I had a reasonable amount to drink each time, about 3-4 drinks and usually I would get a headache after that amount if I didn’t drink water. I want to point out that I kept my water intake to a minimum so I could test the real affects of the drinks. No headache? Yes! I can now finally “Skip the Tough Mornings,” as Drinkade would say.


My absolute favorite reason for liking this product however, is not the taste or how it looks, but the size! At 3.4 ounces each, these little miracle workers can travel! As a person who has to travel often for her career, this is a huge plus to be able to bring a few on board with me. They also come in larger bottle size, but I prefer the small bottles that come in a variety of 6, 12, and 24 packs as well as larger party packs that have up to 240 bottles. My genius idea for these packs is to use them as giveaways at a Bachelorette party or Wedding. Wouldn’t it be fun to have tray-passed Drinkade upon arrival of a cocktail party to get your body started right? I personally have planned about 5 Bachelorette parties and these are perfect to add into the welcome gift bags for the bridesmaids and friends. Not to mention they are perfect for the Groom’s festivities as well!


You can shop for Drinkade here. Please comment below if you try and let me know how you like it!

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