Hi fellow sippers! Thank you so much for viewing my page and allowing me to entice you in my travels and knowledge of craft of cocktails and food. I’m Alexis aka FullofSips and I’ve been sipping my way through this thing called life by experiencing, entertaining, and indulging in my favorite things. As long as I can remember, I have always been intrigued by the idea of going out and socializing with family and friends, while eating indulgent food and drinking fine wine. I get a sense of peace when I am surrounded by amazing people sharing stories and memories while experiencing different dishes and eclectic tastes.Easter Pic

Coming from an East Coast Italian famiglia, FOOD has always been part of my heart. I grew up watching my mother, grandmother, stepmother, and godmother all grow to be the most influential women when it comes to food. Between the family recipes that were constantly enjoyed or the fine restaurants I had the opportunities to dine at while traveling and staying local, this all contributed to my desire to become educated in family style cooking, as well as become an influencer on the trendiest and most delicious food and cocktails I come across and seek out.

Aside from my family background, during my teens and college years, I was a restaurant server for over 10 years and a bartender for 7 years where I was employed at what feels like every restaurant under the sun from a casual sports bar to fine dining. As most college graduates struggle with career choices after college, I did not find my professional career until I was in my late twenties. I was blessed enough to have a catering manager at a hotel take a chance on someone with no prior hotel experience and from the beginning I ran with this as I wanted to impress my family and achieve goals I had set out for myself. Years later, I found myself in Hotel Sales, working for almost every well known brand, Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, and now Kimpton! As I travel a lot for work in sales, I found myself alone most of the time during my travels and trying out new restaurants and bars by myself. As I love experiencing new places and meeting new people, being by my lonesome was not going to hold me back! I feel extremely blessed to be able to travel and learn about new places and I felt a blog would be an amazing way to share with my friends, family, and anyone who follows, my Tips and Sips! IMG_1521

I currently reside in sunny California in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach with my boyfriend Stephen of 9 years. Aside from blogging about cocktails and food, I love to hike, travel to distant countries, and I LOVE going to concerts. My favorite band is Rebelution and I typically see them 3 times a year!

I hope to inspire and influence each and every one of my readers to get out of their comfort zone and experience new cities, countries, restaurants, bars, and products. I LOVE to collab so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me while in town as I would love to Sip Away with you while in OC or SoCal! My favorite saying is the “Best is Yet to Come” so I will leave you with that in hopes you believe your best truly is yet to come!