With the growing need for media management, Sips Productions LLC was started in 2020 by Alexis Amato: Influencer, Media Manager, Photographer, and Food stylist. Our mission is to provide service that relieves the stress our clients have concerning marketing via social media. We create the presence you need online so you can easily sit back and allow the marketing to flow into sales with your product or service. We handle many different types of brands from restaurants to wellness and everything in between. With a team of real influencers at Sips Productions, we know how to monetize via social media channels and we are experts at Influencer marketing, the #1 recommended marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond. we look forward to meeting with you soon and discussing your needs! Please check out our Services page for more information!

Meet the team!

Alexis Amato / Owner

Alexis started blogging on her main channel @Fullofsips in 2017 after obsessively taking pictures of her food she tried at new restaurants. She graduated in 2011 with her Bachelors degree in Business with a concentration on entertainment and tourism. Her experience includes marketing, sales, photography, food styling, and writing to name a few! Formerly a Sales manager for large hotel chains such as Kimpton, Hilton, and Fairmont, she started Sips Productions after she was furloughed due to the pandemic. As a current Influencer and manager of her own brand, she knows the importance of media attraction for marketing purposes and loves to help her clients increase their brand presence by using her key strategies for growth: aesthetic, engagement, consistency and Influencer marketing.

Chrissy Tan / Photographer

Chrissy started her blog @Appetitefor_life 3 years ago when she wanted to share her foodie travel experiences with others. Always having a love for photography, she quickly developed a skill set and obsession for taking pictures of food and products. Wanting to perfect her skills even more, she is currently studying with Foodtography School, the leading online academy for food photography and styling. She is the resident photographer and videographer for Sips Productions and we are so happy to have her on our team. Check out her photo page here!

Kate is a New England based blogger who loves to travel the east coast in search of the best foodie finds, cocktails, and places to visit. She currently works with small businesses, travel brands, and food brands to review her experiences and share with her followers. As our resident Media Manager, you will find her growing your brand engagement and ensuring your audience is well informed on upcoming promotions or events. We are so appreciative to have her on our team! Check out her blog here!