Something Sexy Underneath

As a bustier woman (thanks Grandma), I am always apprehensive when it comes to trying new bras.  I feel like every time I try something new it doesn’t work and I just get uncomfortable, so bra shopping is not something that’s ever on my list. When Upbra decided to collaborate with me, I was genuinely excited when I looked them up and only saw and read great things! Comfort with a bra is number 1 and sexiness is number 2, because how can we be sexy and confident when we’re uncomfortable? (Not that I haven’t stood around for hours in the most painful heels looking cute!).

The Upbra took over 6 years to research and create, and this design is so innovative! I’m not going to lie, I wore this bra for about a week before actually reading the instructions as I wanted an honest opinion and I know many readers, like myself, tend to just open and use items without reading directions first.  As soon as I put the bra on, my cleavage was instantly bustier to the point where my boyfriend commented as soon as he saw me! I think a lot of ladies can relate, sometimes we’ll spend hundreds of dollars on a completely new hairdo and our men don’t say anything, so a strong reaction from him definitely sealed the deal! Little did I know as I was wearing this comfortable, yet extremely sexy bra, that when following the instructions, I can make it even bustier, oh my!

When creating the design, they spent years researching various women with 3 goals in mind. 1- To give the best cleavage ever, 2- to make the bra adjustable to the woman’s preference, and 3-to have it look more natural than leading brands. With 100 design elements in each Upbra, it’s not surprising it works wonders!

After reading the directions I learned the real reason they call it the Upbra! Their Active Lift is made of vinyl which at first feels like it would be hard on your chest, but actually feels quite comfortable and extremely supportive. The hearts on the bra indicate where the vinyl support is and what holds those bad girls up! The other very unique and creative feature of the Upbra is that it has straps along the bottom that you can adjust according to how busty you want to be. Trust me, even before I knew the bra could do that, my chest was already protruding, but when I adjusted them, it was like my cleavage had seen a whole new height I didn’t think was possible!

This bra is perfect for wearing underneath a sheer shirt or for adding that extra WOW factor to the chest area in that little black dress. I love to feel sexy and this bra certainly does the job. I received mine in the color black, but they also have white, nude and red, along with their new bikini collection line which I’m looking forward to trying this summer! I’ve been modest with this bra thus far, but I can’t wait to rock it in a new dress to ring in the New Year. Be sure to check them out for your new favorite lift, thanks for reading!

Upbra 8